Saturday, March 16, 2013

Harris Tweed Bagpipe Covers

As well as selling tweed jackets, I am a professional musician, performing on many ancient and modern musical instruments. When I needed new covers for two of the types of bagpipe that I play, there was only one choice of material to make. So, along with a friend who could wield a sewing machine, we repurposed two Harris Tweed jackets and voila, two well dressed bagpipes!

This is my English Border Bagpipe.
The style is from the Carlisle region of Northern England.

A bagpipe covered by an act of Parliment.

This is my Biniou from Brittany -
the type of bagpipe is a Veuze from
the south of the country.

A true Scottish / Breton collaboration.

... and after a very exciting day, it's time for bed.

Thanks so much to my friend Christine Denise Day for working with me to create these beauties. I can't wait for my next gig, so that I can show off them off in public.


  1. what exceptionally handsome jackets for your pipes! Even your instruments are well kitted out.