Monday, April 29, 2013

The First Ever Providence, Rhode Island Tweed Ride

Sunday April 28th 2013 saw the very first Providence, Rhode Island "Tweed Ride" to celebrate the opening of the "Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion" exhibition at the RISD Museum.

Here is a selection of photographs.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three New Harris Tweed Jackets

I have three vintage Harris Tweed jackets 
waiting to be added to my online shop  
The first of the three (left) is unusual for American Harris Tweed jackets, in that it was actually made at The Spean Bridge Woolen Mill in Scotland.

They'll be added to my shop soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Vicarious Trip To London

I live in New England in the USA, where there is little opportunity to be exposed to Tweedy things. One of my band mates (I'm a musician) has been in London recently, and he has sent me regular picture updates of his "tweed adventures." Here is a selection:

These are from the Stumper & Fielding shop 
on the Portabello Road, London

This photo was taken at the Thomas Farthing shop, near the British Museum. On receiving this photo, I immediately asked my friend to purchase the Donegal tweed bowtie for me (second to bottom).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

New In My Shop

I added two vintage items to my shop today
A gorgeous light coloured & lightweight tweed jacket
See more details @ my shop

A fab pullover / sweater vest by Boston Traders
See more details @ my shop

Monday, March 18, 2013

Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion

Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion
Sunday, April 28 through Sunday, August 18, 2013

In a groundbreaking exhibition—drawn from our collection and loans from other national and international organizations and private individuals—the RISD Museum celebrates the dandy, tracing the variety of ways in which this personality has blazed through two centuries and investigating where he resides today. Rather than following strict definitions, Artist/Rebel/Dandy features myriad manifestations of the dandy’s style and persona, from the discreet sophistication and consummate elegance of Beau Brummell (1778–1840) to the romantics and revolutionaries of today—including Rick Owens, Patti Smith, Ouigi Theodore, and Waris Ahluwalia.

The deft workmanship and particular style of a tailor or designer features alongside representations of the personalities who wore these garments—as seen in portraits, caricatures, fashion plates, fashion photography, and media representations. Likewise, representations of dandies—from George IV to Oscar Wilde and Iké Udé, and from Lord Byron to Sebastian Horsley and Sruli Recht—are grounded in the concrete and tactile nature of the clothing itself.

Artist/Rebel/Dandy is accompanied by an illustrated book (Yale University Press, 2013), with essays by exhibition curators Kate Irvin and Laurie Brewer, fashion historian Christopher Breward, and Barnard College English Professor Monica L. Miller; a preface by menswear designer Thom Browne; and “musings” on artist-dandies by 15 contributors, including Glenn O’Brien (Beau Brummell), Patti Smith (Charles Baudelaire), Merlin Holland (Oscar Wilde), Horace Ballard (W. E. B. DuBois), and Scott Schuman (Luciano Barbera).

Tweed Ride PVD
Sunday, April 28, 10:30 am | Depart from Kennedy Plaza
Stylish and well-wheeled gents and ladies enjoy a leisurely bicycle parade through downtown Providence in the city's first-ever Tweed Ride, complete with tea! The excursion ends at the RISD Museum for an afternoon viewing of Artist/Rebel/Dandy. $10, $5 for students (with valid ID). Registration required at

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Harris Tweed Bagpipe Covers

As well as selling tweed jackets, I am a professional musician, performing on many ancient and modern musical instruments. When I needed new covers for two of the types of bagpipe that I play, there was only one choice of material to make. So, along with a friend who could wield a sewing machine, we repurposed two Harris Tweed jackets and voila, two well dressed bagpipes!

This is my English Border Bagpipe.
The style is from the Carlisle region of Northern England.

A bagpipe covered by an act of Parliment.

This is my Biniou from Brittany -
the type of bagpipe is a Veuze from
the south of the country.

A true Scottish / Breton collaboration.

... and after a very exciting day, it's time for bed.

Thanks so much to my friend Christine Denise Day for working with me to create these beauties. I can't wait for my next gig, so that I can show off them off in public.

Downton Abbey

The PBS series "Downton Abbey" and this Ralph Lauren Collection have really popularized the idea of wearing tweed. Personally, I'm all for it.

Another Book Suggestion

This book was suggested by a reader of my blog as being of 
interest to those with a fascination with The Outer Hebrides and Whiskey.


This the official Description

"For thousands of years peat was the main fuel that that warmed houses all over the British Isles, and the mark of the peat cutter is written deep in the landscape. This book is a celebration of a cultural history that extended from the Iron Age to the twentieth century. It tells the story of the use of peat for fuel in the British Isles, and the people who cut it. It also examines the methods of cutting, the tools that were used, and the organization of cutting. It chronicles the beginning of commercial extraction and the exhaustion of this precious resource."

Thanks to +Barry Hall for the suggestion